Employer Health and Benefits Data.

Dart Health is removing barriers to innovation and reducing the cost to serve group healthcare.

Get affordable HIPAA compliance, compatibility, and error handling for employer health and benefits data faster.

Get back to your business innovation.


The fastest way to connect employer data sources for eligibility, claims, and benefits. Designed from the ground-up specifically for the employer health and benefits market.

Receive and access data from 834 flat files, CSVs, APIs, and more with error handling built in. Access it in a standard, well-documented data model, lowering operating expense and the price for any service.

HIPAA-compliant SaaS API
Connect employer data sources in record time
360º view of eligibility, claims, providers, and more
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Employer healthcare needs smart solutions to lower costs and unite data sources.

Dart is leading the way with a HIPAA-compliant, scalable, affordable solution built for group health and benefits that speeds data connections and innovation.

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Get manageable and predictable SaaS costs with white-glove integration services that scale.

Remove redundancy, inefficiency, and the endless cycle of bespoke spaghetti integrations. Empower collaboration and leverage accessible data to identify trends and opportunities.

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We Handle the Mess

We eliminate the need to build your own HIPAA-compliant data handling, ETL, error correction, and storage solutions to serve employers, and we give you a robust set of tools in the process.

We pull together disparate data sources from employers, providers, benefits administrators, and claims. By putting single human beings at the center of the data model, we present an employee, a patient, and a cost center as a real individual with medical needs, benefits, and activities. This creates a single, secure, HIPAA-compliant, 360-degree view of a healthcare customer, unique to any product in the employer health and benefits space.

Add new data sources without impacting downstream systems

Identify individuals across many roles now and over time as employee, dependent, patient, etc.

Reduce vendor and customer data stream maintenance costs

Use a single model of a personal health journey to track and ensure better service

Leverage aggregate data for analytics and improvement recommendations

Enjoy an enterprise SaaS solution with manageable and predictable costs, even as your business scales

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Dart Health removes the barriers to entry and takes the pain out of supporting growing numbers of data sources, employees, and clients, so your engineering team can focus on your core business.

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